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We can spend our way out of a recession, right? And the deeper it gets, the more we need to spend, right?1 Check out this video from Citizens Against Government Waste2

China 2030

  1. Sadly, uttered by a Vice President of the United States, Joe Biden, presumably on behalf of his boss, our Dear Leader, the Teleprompter of the United States.

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James Taylor of Forbes has reported on new NASA data in an article titled “New NASA Data Blow Gaping Hold In Global Warming Alarmism1. Basically it shows that all the climate models put forth by global warming (aka climate change) alarmists are faulty. For those inclined to read the underlying scientific paper titled “On the Misdiagnosis of Surface Temperature Feedbacks from Variations in Earth’s Radiant Energy Balance“, it is available from the peer reviewed journal Remote Sensing2.

Time for a new theory, or in this case fairy tale, Church of Man Made Global Warming folks. I bet Prince Charles feels pretty stupid right now, or should anyway. And algoracle still laughs all the way to the bank. There sure are plenty of suckers out there.

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“A Guide to Good Citizenship, A Presentation of the U.S. Department of Homeland Propaganda.1

We're the Government -- And You're Not

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Tin Whiskers

Tin Whiskers

The European “Reduction of Hazardous Substances” regulations (aka RoHS) might have claimed another victim. A few years ago a billion dollar Swatch watch recall was apparently related to tin whiskers, a known failure mode of RoHS-compliant electronics.1 Now, according to an industry news report, Toyota might have fallen victim to the same thing.2

We’re sure that some anti-industry environmentalists will be pleased, as this could make RoHS the most expensive piece of electronic industry regulation ever written.

What makes tin whiskers interesting, is that there is really no way to prevent them in lead free electronics, as all industry efforts focus on “mitigating” the effects, not preventing the formation of tin whiskers.3

We find it amazing that legislation that was in part intended to reduce waste is now apparently causing massive amounts of new waste due to accelerated failures, not to mention the indirect costs to the economy.

What strikes us is how similar the inclusion of lead in the RoHS legislation has been to the inclusion of carbon dioxide in the various attempted “Global Warming” laws. We recommend that our readers review the various references to this article and make their own conclusions as to the mindset and motivations of those who rammed through RoHS without regard to its implications. Unfortunately for the electronics industry and us (the consumers), there was no easy way to show that the benefits of lead-free electronics are possibly just as illusory as the benefits of a “carbon neutral” economy.4

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Hold Onto Your Wallet!

In yet another act of “unprecedented transparency”1, the Democrats have driven a bill through Congress that has now been signed by Obama (D) to raise the Congressional Credit Card limit to a staggering $14.294 TRILLION without the benefit of CSPAN capturing a single second of the closed door discussions.2

The vote in the Senate was taken just in time before the newly baked Senator Brown (R) from Massachusetts were to be sworn in, since he might have forced actual debate on the issue. It was simply safer for Reid (D) to drive the vote while the Massachusetts state officers with (D)’s behind their names were doodling and claiming that it just takes time to create the necessary documentation for Brown (R) to be sworn into office.3 After all, even when the results are not contested, it’s important to dot those t’s and cross those i’s, especially when a guy with an (R) is the topic, and not someone with a (D), isn’t it?4

Those in the Senate with (D) behind their names even claimed to wait for Brown (R) for any important vote, such as that on healthcare.

It must be that the (D) people don’t think that agreeing to spend $1.9 TRILLION is not an important vote. Interestingly, if $1.9 TRILLION doesn’t make the cut, but a healthcare plan supposedly costing $1 TRILLION or thereabout does, then is that an indication that the REAL cost of the healthcare legislation is far beyond $1.9 TRILLION? Harry (D), Nancy (D), please explain.

As we reported previously5, this bill increases the national debt “limit” by more than it has ever been increased before, both as a percentage of the total, and as an absolute number. Not even during the dark days of World War 2 was such a dramatic increase necessary.

So what’s different? A looming 2010 Congressional election disaster for those with a (D) behind their names has Harry (D) and Nancy (D) running scared, and Obama (D) can’t help but agree. With Brown (R) in the Senate now, Reid (D) might not have been able to push this (D) looneylaw through Senate, or at least not without some semblance of debate.

Yesterday, following up on his transparency pledge, Obama (D) chose to leave those pesky cameras outside yet again, and proceeded to sign this monster into law. All hail the chief, the Congressional Credit Card is safe from those pesky guys with (R) behind their names.

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Spending your way to debt bondage

In the sea of self-righteous proclamations by Democrats in Congress to wait for the new Republican Senator from Massachusetts before engaging in further healthcare debate, the same induhviduals have carefully neglected to discuss the real elephant in the room. Namely the national debt.

The reason is now obvious. Harry Reid and company clearly wanted to pass the biggest increase in the national debt ever, and saying that they would wait for Brown on such a key issue would have made them liars.

So there it goes, a $1.9 TRILLION dollar addition to the national debt, care of the Democrat Senate.1 The vote was on party lines, 60-40, and would have failed had Reid waited another few days.

To put this number in perspective, it represents about 53% of the 2010 federal budget, as submitted by the biggest spender ever to occupy the White House. It also increases the national debt by a whopping 15%, the biggest percentage ever, in addition to by far the biggest absolute value ever. And it increases the direct national debt to $45,000 for every American man, woman and child.

This vote by the Democrat controlled Senate shows that Democrats with Harry Reid at the helm take issue with Brown, who might have taken away their credit card and impacted their freespending habits. Should the Democrat controlled House concur that the credit card limit should be raised by this whopper, the Democrats lead by Reid, Pelosi and Obama will be free to spend their way into the worst possible future for the American people. Namely debt bondage.2

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Head in the Sand

Head in the Sand

It has now been 14 days since the ClimateGate matter broke, and major news networks have yet to cover the topic. According to Media Research Center1 ABC, CBS and NBC have yet to mention ClimateGate. Perhaps this is all one needs to know about the “quality” of “news” from these networks.

Perhaps it’s not just that the news networks haven’t heard about ClimateGate from a “reliable” source — such as Gibbsy2 at the White House briefing room — ignoring the stepping down of the head of the Climatic Research Unit3 and the UN calling for an investigation4.

Or it could also be that the topic isn’t important enough. What, with the Democratic Congress giving away trillion dollar handouts from healthcare to the umptieth bailout of a union driven industry, they might rightfully be under the impression that legislation based on made up data and inconsistent models is quite ordinary, and therefore not newsworthy.

Or maybe these “news” outlets just want to stay away from commenting on the cap and tax trading scheme voted to the Senate by Pelosi’s House of Representatives, because the trading scheme apparently was originally invented by Ken Lay of Enron fame5.

Regardless of the reasons behind it, actions speak louder than words. It would be a good idea for everyone to remember this failure by ABC, CBS and NBC next time when one turns to television for “news”.

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Michael F. Cannon of the CATO Institute1 has provided some interesting metrics for estimating the real cost of ObamaCare.

The issue is that while the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) evaluates the cost of ObamaCare at some $1 trillion, give or take, it is restricting itself to the impact to the Federal budget, and excluding several factors that massively increase the real cost of the proposed legislation.


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Trussst in me...

Tru$$$t in me...

The Climatic Research Unit (CRU) seems to have destroyed raw weather data that it gathered, only holding onto “value-added (quality controlled and homogenised) data“.1

Now isn’t that convenient? The same people who manipulated their data to make their models show results they wanted to see are now effectively asking everyone to trust them on the processing of raw measurements into “value-added data”.


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