April 17, 2013

InfoWars Identifies Boston Marathon Bombers (OR NOT!) (UPDATED)

UPDATE3: The Smoking Gun1 has a good article that does a good enough job of convincing us these two guys aren’t it. You judge for yourself.

UPDATE2: According to ABC News2 one of the two previously suspicious appearing individuals identified below has talked to police claiming his innocence.

UPDATE1: According to InfoWars3 the two likely Navy SEALs might be private security from Craft International4.

Apparent Seal Team Members

InfoWars 5 showed its awesomeness yet again by collecting key photographs with basic analysis of the Boston Marathon Bombing. From these pictures we can draw a few conclusions, with the caveat that who knows if the analysis is accurate.

1. Navy SEALs were deployed for security

In the image from InfoWars it appears that two Navy SEALs are providing security near the finish line. The conclusion is based on the BDU-style dress of the individuals, the fact that both are dressed alike, and that one of the persons wears a hat with the SEAL Team logo.

Assuming that the analysis is accurate, it begs the question why SEALs were present. Perhaps they deploy to all similar events. It’s also possible that Boston had some reason to be concerned, perhaps for the same reason that the New York City Marathon was cancelled last year.

2. There Seem To Be Two Obvious Suspects (OR NOT — See the UPDATE above)

Infowars saved everyone some time by finding the two individuals who showed up, looked like they didn’t belong, and one of whom showed up at the finish line with a backpack, and apparently left without it.

It’s probably no coincidence that the backpack, the jacket, and the hat match the FBI description of the individual that they have identified in a store video dropping off the backpack.

InfoWars Identifies Terrorists?

Suspected Terrorists With Heavy Bags

What makes the match more likely is the fact that the explosive devices must have been heavy, on the order of 20-30 pounds, due to the pressure cooker body that was used as the vessel, and shrapnel within. This would make a bag with the device appear heavy. As it happens, the two individuals identified by InfoWars carry bags that seem unusually heavy.

In the picture it’s also obvious that the heavy item in the backpack is relatively large, with an odd shape, and is similar to what a pressure cooker body with the handle removed might look like in a backpack of similar size.

Finally, it just happens that the two individuals have middle Eastern features. Coincidence? We will likely know when the FBI makes some announcements.

In the meantime, you are free to draw your own conclusions. Also be sure to check out the InfoWars article which made the disclosures in the first place.6

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