February 5, 2010

One More IPCC “Fact” Gone Wrong — India Quits

(dark green below sealevel)

As if the IPCC doesn’t have enough egg on its face from basing predictions on manipulated weather data and just lying about the future of glaciers in the Himalayas.

Now it’s becoming ever more obvious that nothing the panel has stated can be relied on. This inevitable conclusion is derived from the IPCC not even getting basic geographical data points right, as it has now surfaced that the IPCC claims that more than half of the Netherlands lies below sea level, when in fact only about 26% does.1

The Indians have clearly had enough of the IPCC circus, and has effectively quit by creating it’s own climate change monitoring body. Reportedly this was because the country can’t rely on what the UN IPCC produces.2 This is particularly embarrassing for the head of the IPCC, Dr R.K Pachauri, who is from India.

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