January 17, 2010

IPCC Spreading More Misinformation

It seems that the IPCC has more egg on its face for the “scientific” conclusions that it claims to present in the name of all “scientists” in the world.

This one is about the IPCC statement as to a 90% probability that the Himalayan glaciers will be reduced by 80% or entirely gone by the year 2035.1

Now it turns out that the IPCC was basing its “scientific conclusion” on no research what so ever. Instead, the IPCC quoted an opinion piece, that itself quoted another opinion piece, finally tracking back to an interview about a decade ago.

More details can be obtained from a very good article describing how incredibly bad and inaccurate these IPCC conclusions are.2

If IPCC maintains the same standards in the future, we can expect the next report to include a weather prediction by the chairman’s wife’s third aunt’s best friend, published as a scientific consensus with a 90% probability.

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