December 16, 2009

Muslims of America Training Camps

Muslims of America

The Christian Action Network has published video from a “Muslims of America” training camp in the United States.1 The video from this camp in Hancock, NY shows various types of combat training, and military-like conditioning.

The video is presented in a manner that makes the Muslims of America training camps appear to be preparing for terror activities at some future time. However, the distinction between these training camps and at least some other extremist groups that are non-muslim is not addressed in the video, nor the fact that the simple act of military style training is a specific Constitutional right that is exercised by many Americans.

An often-used argument to distinguish between muslim militia-like camps and others are the September 11 attacks. However, it is up to you, the reader, to decide if this is sufficient cause to limit someone’s Constitutional rights or not, especially in light of the unforeseen consequences of such restrictions.2

As an alternative, it might be more productive to focus on activity that is not protected by the Constitution. For example, freedom of speech does not allow one to plot violence against Constitutional institutions, or the overthrow of the Constitution itself.

A spokesperson on the video makes a claim that “We are 100% sure that muslims are the majority in America“, which is clearly delusional. On the other hand, the same person goes on to say that “We love our country… we will never carry out jihad against our country“, and then continues to discuss that they would not allow their country be destroyed by conspirators and terrorists, “both foreign and domestic“.

In the end, it is left to the viewer to form an opinion as to the purpose of these camps.

  2. A fitting discussion topic is the internment camp system for American citizens of Japanese descent following Pearl Harbor in 1941; while costing thousands their Constitutional rights without even the attempt at due process, it is not difficult to argue that the camps made absolutely no impact to security during the war years

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